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What Type of Website is Best for a Small Business?

An infographic titled "What Type of Website is Best for a Small Business?" shows six types of websites: Business Websites, E-commerce Website, Lead Generation, Blog Website, Portfolio Website, Landing Page.

For small businesses, having a website is crucial, I mean, there is no other choice. Approximately, seven out of ten of small businesses have a website, a significant increase from five out of ten over six years ago. However, a poorly designed website will surely experience a 25% of people leaving before reading anything, making […]

Why is Responsive Design So Important for Small Businesses?

A laptop, tablet, and smartphone displaying the same real estate website. Text above reads, "Why is Responsive Design So Important for Small Businesses?.

Having a responsive design helps a website to automatically adapt its layout and content to fit different screen sizes, it includes desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. For small businesses, having a responsive website design is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity in today’s digital world Google recently announced that their search engine will not index […]

Why Does a Small Business Need a Website?

a hand typing on a laptop Text above reads, "Why does a small business need a website?"

Did you know that 28% of people in the United States research a company online before hiring their services? This means that a good portion of your clients will look for information about you on the internet even before talking to you directly. Having your own website means being able to provide your client with […]

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